Indiana Projects by Region

Indianapolis & Central Indiana

This section details important construction projects for the Indianapolis and Central Indiana region. New roadway innovations include SPUI (single point urban interchanges), new expressways, and freeway upgrades.

Indy Projects

Northwest Indiana

This section details important construction projects in Northwest Indiana. Projects include the recently completed Borman expressway, a proposed Illiana expressway as well as the future of the new Indiana route 912.

NWI projects

Statewide Corridor Improvements

Find out more information about major improvements in Indiana's most important highway corridors. Please include projects like the new Ohio River bridges, improvements to Indiana interstate highways, the new Interstate 69 project, and various other projects around the state.

Statewide Projects

Indiana's Road Future

A look to Indiana's future when it comes to roads, highways, and transportation infrastructure. A brief overview of major projects and future visions needed in Indiana, as well as technological improvements to road building.

Indiana Visions

Indiana Route Markers

Indiana's Highways

Wiki: Indiana Highways

Historic Routes