Corridor 7

Ultimate Interstate Corridor 7
Description This Central California interstate would replace existing SR-99 throughout most of the state of California. Traveling from Red Bluff to Mettler via Chico along existing SR-99 the route then switched to SR-70 through Oroville and Marysville before rejoining SR-99 near Nicolaus, the route then contiues along I-5 through Sacramento, and then along SR-99 through the cities of Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield.
Purpose and Need Due to the high volume of truck and commercial traffic along this corridor this road needs to be upgraded to interstate standards. This would also provide direct interstate access to several largely populated central valley cities.
Alternate Routing As Currently proposed this route beginning in Mettler (south of Bakersfield) would instead end in Stockton by connecting to I-5 via SR-4 (Crosstown Freeway) However this routing is not recommended since it would neglect the northern California cities that the longer route would serve.
Auxiliary Routes I-207 (Stockton to Vallejo), I-807 (Marysville to Roseville), [I-407 (Bay Area Toll Road) unless signed as I-980], as well as the possibility of such routes in Fresno and Bakersfield if needed eventually.
Notes For all intents and purposes this route is largely a bypass or auxiliary route for Interstate 5 and could just be designated a 3-digit extension such as I-305, however due to its length it is recomended to carry its own primary number.