Southern California would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate new free ultimate interstate routes. Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. Red lines show existing Interstate highways. Click on a shaded region below to view more detailed information about interstate ideas for that area

Interstate 208 - Salton Sea Freeway
Description This Would replace SR 86 and SR 111 between Indio and Calexico and provide an interstate link between I-10 and I-8 and border crossings located in this area. The southern end of this freeway would be a short spur route extending south to CA 98 near Calexico.
Purpose and Need To promote continuity with the existing interstate system. And provide more routing options for commercial and traffic crossing the border.
Notes This route could also be routed east to the new border crossing located east of Calexico/Mexicali on SR-7 instead of along SR-111. SR-7 could also have its own interstate designation as I-108 instead.