Information on Indiana's historic highways and highway system

US Routes - (strikethrough indicates decommissioned routes)
US 6 US 12 US 20 US 24 US 27 US 30
US 31 US 31A US 31E US 31W US 35 US 36
US 40 US 41 US 50 US 52 US 112 US 112S
US 131 US 136 US 150 US 152 US 224 US 231
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The table to the right shows those routes as assigned. the routes shown in strikeout have since been renumbered, replaced by state or interstate highways or deleted. These routes date back to the 1930's.

U.S Highway 6

US 6 was extended westward of its original terminus in 1932, and replaced much of early Ind. SR 6. US 6 Originally continued west from Hobart, IN along Ridge Rd into Illinois before it was routed to the Borman Expy. US 6 is known as The Grand Army of the Republic Highway.

U.S Highway 12

US 12 is also Known as the Iron Brigade Highway, and the Dunes Highway. The Dunes highway was an early auto trail prior to the institution of state route numbers.

U.S Highway 20

Much of the US 20 routing is on or close to the original alignment as first commissioned. However, it was rerouted away from downtown South Bend and Mishawaka along a freeway bypass to the south.

U.S Highway 24

US 24 is one of the original US routes. The route mostly travels on the original alignment in rural areas, much of the route has been upgraded to a 4-lane divided highway between Logansport and Ft wayne, where portions of the route are on a new alignment bypassing the cities of Logansport, Peru, and Huntington. The original route passed through these cities. The original route also passed through Ft Wayne, now it is routed around the city along I-469.

Part of this route is known as the Hoosier Heartland Corridor from Logansport to Ft Wayne. Part of this route is known as the Fort to Port Corridor east of Ft Wayne. From the auto trails days US 24 was part of the Corn Belt Route and part of the Wabash Way. It was previously numbered as SR-7 in the indiana's earlier state road numbering system.

U.S Highway 27

US 27 at one point continued northward all the way north to Mackinaw City, MI then was shortened to Gaylord, MI prior to being truncated to its current north terminus at I-69 in Ft wayne.

U.S Highway 30

Parts of this routing were also part of the the Lincoln Highway (East of Ft Wayne and west of Valparaiso), and the Yellowstone Trail.

US 30's original alignment has for the most part been replaced by a multi-lane divided highway. Much of the original routing still exists however and can still be travelled. US 30 like most other US and state roads was routed around Ft wayne Along I-69 and I-469 to the north of Ft wayne. The original US 30 through Ft Wayne is now SR 930.

U.S Highway 31

Parts of this routing are near or were originally routed along sections of early auto trails such as the Dixie Highway, the Bootjack South Bend Trail, the Range Line road, Michigan Road, and the Jackson Highway, and was originally designated as state road 1 in the earlier route numbering system.

US 31 is an original 1926 US highway and is Indiana's north-south "main street". US 31 travels down the middle of the state practically bisecting it in two.

Originally US 31 passed through the cities of Westfield, Kokomo, Rochester and South Bend.

Historic U.S Highway 31A

Alternate US 31, Or US 31A was an alternate alignment that ran to the west of existing US 31. Originally US 31 ran down this route. US 31A Split from its parent route Just north of Columbus, IN heading south through downtown Columbus and Seymour. From there it turned east alo

ng US 50 where it ended at it's parent route. The route originally was adopted in the 1940's after US 31 was routed to the east, the routing was later decommissioned in 1984 and most of it's length renumbersed as SR 11.

Historic U.S Highway 31E

US 31E was the eastern alignment of US 31 from Sellersburg, IN heading southward and crossing into Kentucky at Jeffersonville, IN. US 31E has since been renumbered as US 31 when US 31W was deleted in 1980 and renumbered as SR 311. The bridge for 31E still exists and now carries US 31 across the Ohio River.

Historic U.S Highway 31W

US 31W was the western alignment of US 31 from Sellersburg, IN southwestward and crossing into Kentucky at New Albany, IN. US 31W was eventually deleted and renumbered as SR 311 in 1980. The bridge for 31E still exists but is now closed to vehicular traffic.

U.S Highway 33

Initially Continuing north into Michigan this route was truncated to US 20 near Dunlap, IN. The original US 33 alignment through Elkhart and South Bend to the Michigan State line is now numbered SR 933. The Routing Between South Bend and Ft Wayne follows along the Lincoln Highway routing. This route was originally assigned in 1395.

U.S Highway 35

This highway was assigned in 1934.

U.S Highway 36

US 36 it one of the original US highways from 1926. US 36 eastern terminus was originally at Indianapolis it was extended east into Ohio in 1932. The routing of US 36 inside the I 465 loop was relinquished to the city and is now routed on the south side of the I 465 loop.

U.S Highway 40

US 40 is also known as the historic National Road or National Old Trails Road, and is also part of the former Victory Highway. US 40 used to run through downtown Indianapolis along Washington Street, but has since been routed to the south along the I-465 loop. The rest of the routing follows the original route throughout the state. US 40 is one of the first federally funded routes west of the Alleghenies. The route was formerly signed as state road 3 in the original state highway numbering system.

U.S Highway 41

US 41 is one of the original major US routes created in 1926. Much of US 41 is on or close to its original alignment. Parts of this route are known as Indianapolis Blvd, the former Dixie Bee Line Highway, the former White Spot Trail, the former Adeway auto trail, and former state road 10 (old numbering system)

US 41 was originally routed on the north side of the Ohio river southwest of Evansville west along old SR 62 then south along Old Henderson Road to a ferry that crossed over the Ohio River near downtown Henderson, KY.

U.S Highway 50

US 50 is one of the major cross-country routes commissioned in 1926 that has survived the decommisionings and irrelevancies caused by Interstate routes being routed near US highways, the US 50 still exists on or near the same alignment as when originally commisioned. However, US 50 was rerouted to a freeway bypass in Vincennes, IN to the Illinois state line. A portion of the route from Vincennes to shoals it part of the historic National Roosevelt Midland Trail.

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