Information on Indiana's historic highways and highway system

US Routes - (strikethrough indicates decommissioned routes)
US 6 US 12 US 20 US 24 US 27 US 30
US 31 US 31A US 31E US 31W US 35 US 36
US 40 US 41 US 50 US 52 US 112 US 112S
US 131 US 136 US 150 US 152 US 224 US 231
US 421 US 460 US 641 previous page

The table to the right shows those routes as assigned. the routes shown in strikeout have since been renumbered, replaced by state or interstate highways or deleted. These routes date back to the 1930's.

U.S Highway 52

US 52 is also an original US route that began at US 41 near Fowler IN and headed east through Indianapolis along Lafayette Road, Southeastern Ave, English Ave, and Brookville Road. The routing from Lebanon to Indy's east side was eventually moved from this routing to I 65 and I-465's South and West legs. It was later moved to I-865 and I-465's north and east legs. US 52 was extended north and west into Illinois and eventually to the Canada Border n North Dakota in 1934 and 1935.

Historic U.S Highway 112 and Historic U.S Highway 112S

US 112 was a short lived US highway commissioned in 1926. That at one point ran from Rolling Prairie, IN and headed to join its parent route (US 12) in Michigan near Ypsilanti, MI. The highway in its short life in Indiana ran from Rolling Prairie to North of Elkhart at the Michigan state line. The western terminus on Indiana's US 112 was shortened to Elkhart. In 1933-34 highway was signed as US 112S when it is believed that a northern alignment on the Michigan side with a western terminus at New Buffalo was to be commissioned. That routing however never happened, and US 112 was routed to that planned northern alignment in 1935 and the Indiana section was deleted. The old Indiana section of US 112 was renumbered as state road 112, but has also since been decommissioned and is now part of SR 19. US 12 was eventually rerouted on to the Michigan section of US 112 in 1961.

U.S Highway 131

This US highway used to end at the Indiana/Michigan state line near Bristol, IN, However it never actually continued into the state. At one time the intended south terminus was to be Elkhart, IN. The route was shifted east to the state line south of White Pigeon, MI and eventually in 1980 US 131 was extended the fraction of a mile into Indiana to meet up with I-80/I-90 at the Indiana Toll Road.

U.S Highway 136

This route was commissioned in 1953. The original route continued into the center of Indianapolis along Crawfordsville Road and 16th street where it ended at Meridian Street which was then US 31. The route is now truncated at I-465 on the west side of Indianapolis.

U.S Highway 150

This highway is routed along parts of old auto trails such as the Dixie Highway, the National Roosevelt Midland Trail, and the Atlantic Pacific Highway.

Historic U.S Highway 152

US 152 in its short life was mostly cosigned with US 52 from Indianapolis to just northwest of Lafayette. where it turned north and followed the Alignment of US 231 north to Crown Point and eventually Joined US 41. From there it ran northeard cosigned with US 41 and terminated in Whiting. This route was in existence from 1934 to 1938.

U.S Highway 224

US 224 was commissioned in 1934.

U.S Highway 231

US 231 is a relatively new US route in Indiana. Although commissioned in 1926, the route was not extended north into Indiana until 1952. The northern section of US 231 replaced US 152 north of Lafayette.

U.S Highway 421

US 421 is also a newer route in Indiana and was commissioned in 1951.

Historic U.S Highway 460

US 460 was commissioned in 1926 and originally ran across southern Indiana along the current SR 66 west if Evansville and SR 62 east of evansville to Louisville. It was decommissioned in 1977 when I 64 was completed in Indiana. In my opinion US 460 should never have been decommissioned because I-64 is farther to the north and does not serve Evansville directly.

Historic U.S Highway 641

There is some dispute that US 641 may have never existed in the state of Indiana. Rather that it began at the Indiana/Kentucky Border and headed south. US641 is believed to have been cosigned with the currect US 41 north to then US 460 (Lloyd Expressway) now SR 62. Although some old maps and some sources show US 641 entering Indiana at the Kentucky line and meeting US 460 in Evansville, INDOT says "there is no sign that US 641 was ever part of Indiana's system". It apparently ended at the Kentucky-Indiana line just south of Evansville.

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