Nevada Visions


Below are several recommended improvements for Nevada's Highways


Here is a list of projects that should be considered for the future trasprotation needs of California. This list mostly focuses on the Sacramento and Valley regions. Since these areas are continuing to see explosive growth and a dificiency of good travel routes to help commuters get where they need to go, a more aggressive approach to urban planning is needed.

Visions that need priority attention are:

  • A new Interstate 11 corridor in Nevada passing through Fallon, Winnemucca and heading to Boise in the north and Los Angeles in the south

  • A new Interstate 7 corridor Starting in Reno and passing through Carson City and Las Vegas and on toward Phoenix, AZ

  • A new Interstate 70 corridor starting in Fernley heading east through Fernley along the US-50 corridor, eventually connecting to I-70 in Utah

  • Building a partial or full circumferential freeway route around the Reno/Sparks metro area, to increase traffic mobility.

  • Completion of the I-215 beltway in Las Vegas as full freeway.

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