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This page details future plans and visions for improvements to the US 50 Highway corridor throughout the Sacramento region and east into the Sierra Nevada mountains


The purpose of this project is to make key improvements to US highway 50 from Sacramento to the Tahoe region. The projects also include some operational improvements, widening and new HOV lanes as well.


Basic Information:
Project Name Project Area Status Est. Const. Date Est. Completion
El Dorado HOV (Carpool) Lanes El Dorado Hills Boulevard to west of Greenstone Road Project Approval & Environmental Document Fall 2008 Late Winter 2013
Sacramento HOV lanes Watt Ave to Sunrise Blvd Under Construction Winter 2010 Winter 2010
Silva Valley Pkwy Interchange US 50 and Silva Valley Road Construction 2009 2011



This project will construct HOV (bus-carpool) lanes in the eastbound and westbound directions of U.S. Highway 50 from El Dorado Hills Boulevard to just west of Greenstone Road. The project will extend the current HOV lane system to provide approximately 23 continuous miles of east and westbound HOV lanes between Sacramento and El Dorado counties. The project also includes bridge modifications, lighting improvements and new asphalt overlay.

The project will be constructed in three phases: Phase 1 will extend the current HOV lanes from west of El Dorado Hills Boulevard to west of Bass Lake Road with construction starting in Fall 2008 and completed by Summer 2010. Phase 2 will extend eastward to approximately Ponderosa Road with construction starting in Summer 2009 and completion by late Fall 2011. Phase 3 will extend the lanes to just west of Greenstone Road with construction targeted to start in Summer 2011 with completion in late Winter 2013.


This project will construct bus-carpool (HOV) lanes in the eastbound and westbound directions of U.S. Highway 50 from Watt Ave to just east of Sunrise Blvd. HOV lanes will be added to the median of the freeway. Further extension of the carpool lanes to the East Sacramento Interchange (Capital City Freeway) will be done in a separate phase.


Construct a new interchange at Silva Valley Pkwy as a modified partial cloverleaf. This project is under funding issues and may be delayed.


This freeway route is vital to the nations interstate infrastructure and important for Califoria transportation needs as well. Several sections of interstate 50 are in need of being widened throughout the state. Bottlenecks and congestion plague many sections US 50 especially in Placerville; older interchanges are poorly designed and create safety concerns and need to be reconstructed; just to name a few. These projects are vital to increasing the traffic volume, and rebuilding parts of the interstate highway that are no longer able to adequately serve drivers safely.


This freeway needs to be extended eastward from the sacramento region from into the foothills. The highway needs to be grade separated through the city of Placerville, preferably as a freeway. Major opposition to a freeway upgrade has been voiced because the freeway would move large volumes of traffic right by the historic downtown, and the belief is businesses in downtown would suffer as a result. However due to the congestion of the current routing and the problems that so many closely spaced intersections cause. many people that might consider stopping in Placerville don't want to deal with the hassle of getting off and then back on to the highway again. I believe grade separating the freeway in Placerville would actually improve the flow of traffic for routes like SR 49 and SR 193 as well as the main streets through town. In it's current configuration US 50 is a barrier that divides the town. Placing the freeway below grade or covering over the freeway would be the best idea, as it would provide new real estate over the freeway, and remove the barrier that the current highway creates. Key Improvements that need to be made are: