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The purpose of this project is to build a new interchange by constructing a new overpass and single point urban interchange (SPUI) to I-84. This new interchange "Future Exit 42" will provide congestion relief to the Meridian interchange approximately 2 miles to the east. The existing bridge was damaged in May of 2006 by a truck carrying an overheight load. The bridge was temprarily fixed but was torn down to build the new interchange. The new interchange also allows the planned fourth lane widening of interstate 84 from Meridian to the Garrity interchange in Nampa.


Basic Information:
Project Priority URGENT
Project Length Approx. 1 Mile
Project Area:
Interstate 84 at Mile Marker 42 in Meridian
Est. Cost TBD
Status Construction
Complete Environmental Stage Winter 2008
Begin Construction Early 2009
Estimated Project Completion Summer 2011


A new single point urban interchange (SPUI) is being constructed at Ten Mile road. Also collateral construction includes an extension of Tasa Drive which passes under Ten Mile south of the new interchange and continues east linking up with Overland Road. Overland Road will be aligned to the south and possibly extended east by ACHD. Ten Mile is being widened north of Franklin Road by ACHD. and another underpass for future development is being built north of the Ten Mile interchange.


Currently there are no exits between Exit 44 in Meridian and Exit 38 in Nampa. Adding a new access to the freeway has been a priority for planners since the explosion of growth in the city of Meridian. Currently the Meridian interchange is choked with traffic trying to navigate several tightly spaced intersections and a loop ramp to get to downtown Boise. Adding a new interchange at Ten Mile will allow commuters an alternative route to avoid traffic.

The new interchange will also provide a new avenue for growth in the coming years. Meridian planners have generated a land use plan for the area north of the freeway and around the interchange. New roadways and smart growth design criteria are being implemented into the plan. which will include roundabouts, new arterial roadways and a lifestyle center.


Once completed the new interchange will allow traffic to flow more smoothly around the existing Meridian and Eagle interchanges. thus decreasing the amount of traffic at those intersections. This project will also increase safety for motorists with upgraded ramps and interchange configurations. This project also relies on the multi-million dollar widening of I-84 between Meridian and Nampa, without which the freeway would not be able to handle the increased traffic from the new interchange. Both the interchange and the widening of the interstate should be completed in conjuction with one another.

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Updated 12/30/2010