Former Freeway Plans
 Freeway Plan Map
 SR 16, Jackson Freeway
 SR 65, Eastside Freeway
 I 80, New Alignment
 SR 102, Greenback Corridor
 SR 102, Western Corridor
 SR 143, Carmichael to Elk Grove
 SR 148, South crosstown connector
 SR 244, Carmichael to Rancho Cordova
 SR 256, West Roseville Freeway


Below are details regarding several freeway proposals that have been talked about in the past. Some of these freeway projects while vigorously opposed would have been vital to addressing the congestion that sacramentans have become all to familiar with.

Above is a map showing those routes proposed over the years. the purple routes were proposed in the 1960's and the Gold route (SR-16) was proposed later through the 1970's. SR-102 west, is the shaded area on the map above traversing to the northeast.

Several freeways are begining to reach a critical stage, experiencing E and F level or service classifications, the lowest score for highways is F. Now it is becoming more difficult to address these needs as communities are becoming more dense, and building new expressways and freeways among them is no longer practicable.

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State Route 143 in the 1964 alignment was originally slated to run from the initial routing of State Route 102 near Antelope to Elk Grove on a predominently straight routing that traveled near Walnut Ave in Carmichael and between Bradshaw and Mayhew roads to the south. The route was to end at SR-99 somewhere between Grant Line Rd and Dillard Rd near the Cosumnes River. In 1965 the northern portion of the route between Routes 102 and 244 was deleted.

The route would have intersected: US-50, SR-99, and the planned routes 244 and 148.

The freeway was never and will never be built. many people strongly opposed the freeway construction projects in the 70s, and then Governor Edmund G Jerry Brown (Moonbeam) assisted by cancelling many freeway routes. In the 80's the state began to sell off the right of way for the project. The project as of now is no longer under consideration.

excerpt from California Streets and Highways Code. Div 1, Ch 2, Art 3; sec 433.
"Route 143 is from Route 99 near Elk Grove to Route 244 near Carmichael."


State Route 148 was planned to run from I-5 south of the Pocket area of Sacramento, near Laguna to SR-99 north of Elk Grove, where it continued east to it's terminous at then planned route 143. The route would have been built on an alignment near the Union House creek channel and the alignment of Cosumnes River Blvd. From there the alignment would continue east near Calvine Road. At one time there was some consideration of extending the route farther east to the then planned Route 65 extension.

The route would have intersected: I-5, SR-99, and the planned route 143 (and 65).

excerpt from California Streets and Highways Code. Div 1, Ch 2, Art 3; sec 448.
Route 148 is from:
    (a) Route 5 near Sacramento to Route 143 south of Route 16.
    (b) Route 143 south of Route 16 to Route 65."

The project was abandoned and is no longer under consideration. Route 148 is currently an unplanned and unconstructed route. If the Elk Grove-El Dorado Connector is built it is possible that part of the route could be designated as State Route 148.


State Route 244 is a short segment of freeway (basically a giant exit ramp) ending at Auburn Blvd; about a 1 mile east of where it begins at I-80. This freeway stub was originally intended to be part of a large scale plan of freeways to be built in Sacramento.

The routing of State Route 244 was to continue Southeast meeting then planned 143. From there it continued to the east where it would follow near the alignment of Fair Oaks Blvd and then cross the river to connect with US-50 east of Sunrise Blvd. The route eventually was shortened at some point to end in the neighborhood of carmichael near the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and San Juan Avenue.

excerpt from California Streets and Highways Code. Div 1, Ch 2, Art 3; sec 544.
"Route 244 is from Route 80 to Auburn Boulevard in Carmichael."


State Route 256 ran from I-80 to Route Route 65 north of Roseville. Plans were to upgrade it to upgrade it to freeway on a new alignment west of Roseville probably somewhere near Foothills Blvd. The route was deleted in 1994. This highway was originally signed as part of Route 65 before the bypass to I-80 was built, and before that, was originally part of US-99E.

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